Healing Hands - Therapeutic Massage by Theresa
What Clients are saying about Massage...
"I have been fortunate to know the many positive effects of regular massages.
I've been seeing Theresa twice a month for almost five years now. Those bi-monthly massages have reduced my pain, improved my flexibility and eliminated the trip to the chiropractor. I think everyone should get regular massages."
Margaret Yeck, Loyal Client
"Sometimes it isn't easy to get moving at an advanced age.  The ravages of time have their way with you--stiff necks, bad knees, sore backs, gimpy hips. 
 I am prey to all these things from time to time and in no particular order. 
 My regular sessions with Theresa are what keep me going and substantially improve my quality of life.  She even helps with my golf game.",
Dick Roberts, Convinced Client
"When I first started seeing Theresa for massage, I was having a great deal of pain in my right shoulder and neck. My neck was so stiff and sore I was having difficulty turning my head to look over my shoulder to change lanes when driving. I had been having this problem for about 9 months and had seen my chiropractor for it several times and had massage performed by other therapists. Unfortunately nothing changed in the stiffness or pain for more than a day at a time."
"Then I found Theresa. She was very knowledgeable about all the muscles and even more skilled at working the stiffness out. I knew I needed some deep work performed, but the neck is a difficult area and can become more stiff and painful if overworked. Theresa had just the right amount of pressure and technique to give me lasting relief after just one appointment. I required a few more appointments to get even more of the muscles relaxed and pain reduced, but now I am feeling much better than I have in nearly a year."
"The massages felt great and were deeply relaxing as well as therapeutic. I wholeheartedly recommend Theresa!"
Bonnie Dalton, Satisfied Client
 "After being diagnosed with bursitis, having two cortisone shots and the Doctor describing a  surgery  procedure, I felt I needed a massage to stop thinking about my pain. It was the best thing  I could have ever done.  As it turned out I was suffering from Piriformis Syndrome, commonly referred to as " the big pain in the  butt."  With Theresa using deep tissue massage and working the trigger points, I began overcoming my pain which also led me to a more healthier lifestyle. 
 I will never be able to thank her enough.   Thank you Theresa."
Linda Long, Grateful Client
"I truly appreciate Theresa's wonderful care, concern and expertise.
Her on-going interest in new and old techniques for massage makes her different
 from most therapists.  She is always educating herself and learning new things.
I am glad I met her and received all her care and attention during each and every massage.  I would refer her to anyone."
Judy Cleveland Ehrich, Delighted Client
Theresa always listens to my needs and knows, through her informed touch, exactly where my problem areas of pain are located.   
My regular massage sessions with Theresa has helped me to relax, and to calm down as I go through my daily routines. She is a jewel in my life and I am so thankful to have found her.  
Donna Sewell, Happy Client
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